Felicity Lithium Battery 48V 250ah LPBA 6000 Cycles LiFePO4 Lithium Battery System for Household OEM/ODM 12.5KWH



Felicity Lithium Battery 48V 250ah LPBA



This Felicity Lithium Battery 48V 250ah LPBA  pack is designed for household photovoltaic systems. It is a rechargeable battery system and energy storage device. Comes with pulley battery, easy to move.If you live in an area with frequent power outages,A solar battery gives you peace of mind knowing that even when the grid fails, your power will still be on.

Elevate your energy storage capabilities with the Felicity Lithium Battery. Designed for uncompromising performance in solar energy systems, this battery exemplifies the pinnacle of reliability and efficiency in energy storage technology.

Engineered to meet the demands of modern energy needs, the Felicity LPBA series delivers a robust 48 volts of power coupled with an impressive 250 ampere-hours (Ah) of capacity. Whether you’re powering a residential solar setup, a commercial facility, or an industrial application, this battery provides the energy storage capacity required for seamless operation.

Model LPBA48250
Usable Capacity 12.5KWH
Nominal Voltage 51.2
Voltage Range 48-57.6
Max. Charge & Discharge Current 200A@15S
Recommend Charge & Discharge Current ≤150A
MAX. Output Power 10000W
DOD ≥95%
Modules Connection 1~12 in parrallel
Communication CAN&RS485
Ingress Protection IP21
Cycle Life ≥6000@25℃,80% DOD
Working Temperature Range Discharge: -20℃ to +65℃,Charge: +0℃ to +65℃
Net Weight(KG) 113kg
Gross Weight (mm) 128kg
Package Dimension(mm) 757*440*798mm
Product Dimension(mm) 687.5*350*770mm

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