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Felicity Lithium Battery 48V 300AH LPBA48300


Felicity Lithium Battery 48V 300AH LPBA48300


This Felicity Lithium Battery 48V 300AH LPBA483000 is main used solar power system for family house. It also have a with to controller the battery easily and protect our Household application timely.

Designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, this high-capacity battery is the cornerstone of sustainable energy storage solutions.

Featuring a robust 48-volt system and a generous capacity of 300 ampere-hours (AH), the Felicity Lithium Battery 48V 300AH provides ample energy storage to power residential, commercial, and industrial applications with ease. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, increase energy independence, or enhance the resilience of your energy systems, this battery offers the versatility and performance needed to meet your goals.

This Felicity Lithium Battery  is a rechargeable battery system and energy storage device. Comes with pulley battery, easy to move. Furthermore, If you live in an area with frequent power outages,A solar battery gives you peace of mind knowing that even when the grid fails, your power will still be on.

Model LPBA48300
Capacity 15Kwh
Battery LiFePO4
Norminal Voltage 51.2V
Operating Voltage 48-57.6V
Recommend Charge/Discharge Current [1] ≤160A
Recommend Charge/Discharge Power [1] ≤8000W
Maximum Charge/Discharge Current (15s) 200A
Maximum Charge/Discharge Power (15s) 10, 000W
Depth of Discharge (DOD) ≥95%
Scalability Up to 12 units in parrael (180Kwh)
Communication RS485/CAN
Protection Level IP21
Cycle Level [2] ≥6000 Cycles
Charging Temperature Range 0-55℃
Discharging Temperature Range -20~60℃
Display LCD+LED
Installation Floor-Mounted
Protection Built-in smart BMS, Breaker, Fuse
Warranty 7 Years
Net Weight 143kg
Gross Weight 180kg
Product Dimension 750*300*1310 mm
Package Dimension 855*375*1355 mm

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