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Felicity Lithium Battery 24V 100ah M LPBF 2.5KWH

Felicity Lithium Battery 24V 100ah LPBF 2.5KWH

This Felicity Lithium Battery 24V 100ah M 2.5KWH Home Use Energy Storage Lithium Battery Home Use Energy Storage Lithium Battery pack is designed for household photovoltaic systems. In addition, It is a rechargeable battery system and energy storage device. Comes with pulley battery, easy to move.If you live in an area with frequent power outages, A solar battery gives you peace of mind knowing that even when the grid fails, your power will still be on.

Furthermore, The Felicity Lithium Battery is a high-performance energy storage solution designed to meet the demands of modern renewable energy systems. Moreover, With its compact design and advanced lithium-ion technology, this battery offers reliable power storage for various applications, from residential solar setups to commercial off-grid installations.

Model LPBF24100-M
Usable Capacity 2.5KWH
Nominal Voltage 25.6
Voltage Range 24-28.8
Max. Charge & Discharge Current 110A@120S
Recommend Charge & Discharge Current ≤60A
MAX. Output Power 2750W
DOD ≥95%
Modules Connection 1~6 in parrallel
Communication CAN&RS485
Ingress Protection IP21
Cycle Life ≥6000@25℃,80% DOD
Working Temperature Range Discharge: -20℃ to +65℃,Charge: +0℃ to +65℃
Net Weight (KG) 22kg
Gross Weight (KG) 26kg
Product Dimension (mm) 345*430*195 mm
Package Dimension(mm) 437*527*243mm

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