Solar Panel Philadelphia 545 W

Solar Panel Philadelphia 545 W



Solar Panel Philadelphia 545W is a Mono-Crystalline module with power up to 545 W produced using state-of-the-art (automated) robotic production lines.

These modules are suitable to be used for most electrical power applications and have excellent durability in prevailing weather conditions.

Solar Panel Philadelphia 545 W


 How it works:




To understand how solar panels work to provide electricity, we have to talk about science. The science of solar power dates back to the 1830s, when French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel observed a process called the photovoltaic effect, in which exposure to light (photons) produces voltage and electric current in certain materials.

Solar PV panels (PV standing for photovoltaic) feature numerous small photovoltaic cells – often 60 or 72. The cells on solar panels are made of semi-conductive materials, such as silicon. This means they can conduct electricity and maintain an electrical imbalance simultaneously, essential in creating an electric field.

A solar panel works by absorbing photons from the sun. This causes electrons to become “loose,” drifting freely throughout the cell. Because a PV cell is designed with positively and negatively charged semiconductors layered together, an electric field helps guide the electrons towards the cell’s conductive metal plates. This movement of electrons is an electric current – specifically a direct current (DC) because the electrons are all moving in the same direction.

Once the DC current reaches the metal plates, it moves into the conductive wires. Then it flows to the solar inverter.

It doesn’t matter what type of property is utilizing solar panels – whether it’s a home or business, the process is the same. Of course, because the energy requirements of each are different, the actual solar setup will vary. For example, a small home requires less energy than a large office building, so the number of solar panels will differ considerably. But regardless, how solar works remains the same.


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