EXIDE Tubular Battery 230Ah

EXIDE Tubular Battery 230Ah


The Exide IT 850 tubular battery is a high-capacity, maintenance-free battery with a capacity of 230 Ah.

It is designed for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, including power backup systems, inverters, and UPS systems. The tubular design allows for increased electrolyte reserve and improved performance in high temperatures.

It also features low maintenance and longer life. It is designed to offer consistent performance in high temperatures and harsh environments. It is also equipped with a unique tubular positive pasting technology that ensures consistent performance and longer life.



Brand Exide
Model Name IT850
Nominal Voltage (in V) 12 V
Battery Type Tall Tubular


Features of EXIDE Tubular Battery 230Ah IT 850:

Rated Capacity (in Ah) 230 Ah
Boost Charging (Amp) Provides more Electrolyte per Ampere Hour, Lead acid Battery
Trickle Mode Charging (Amp
Water Indication Level (in numbers) Yes


500 x 187 x 416, Weight 70 Kg



Life Cycle – Promise of 1200 cycles of deep discharge. Tubular Extra thick gauntlets, suitable for Indian climatic conditions ensures longer life. Special tubular positive spines cast at 100 bar pressure to enhance corrosion life under extreme situations. Thick spines and bus bar for excellent discharge performance which provides better life. Extra top electrolyte for less frequent water topping. Environment Friendly – Micro porous ceramic vent plug ensures minimum acid fumes. Float guide indicators to show electrolyte level in the battery. Low Maintenance – Special alloy to reduce electrolyte loss. Batteries specially designed for places with frequent power cuts. Readily available factory changed batteries reduces commissioning time. Aesthetically designed- Low foot print to suit homes, offices and business center.



Finally, this Solar battery is the best way to have a steady supply of electricity for your home or business.

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