Solar Panel Longi 545 W


Solar Panel Longi 545 W


The LONGi 545W Mono PERC XL panel delivers max energy in a compact size, ideal for homes & businesses. It’s high-efficiency with a 545W power output. Additionally, The durable aluminum frame and tempered glass ensure strength and protection in extreme weather..

Furthermore, The LONGi Solar 545W Mono PERC XL Solar Panel boasts advanced Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) tech for high efficiency. It converts more sunlight into electricity and performs well in hot environments, thanks to its improved temperature coefficient..

In addition, The panel also has a high power output tolerance of +5W and a positive power tolerance of 0~+5W, ensuring that it delivers consistent, reliable energy output. It also has a low-light performance, which means it can still generate power in low-light conditions.

Moreover, The panel is designed to be easy to install, with a pre-drilled hole and a pre-attached junction box. It also has a long service life of 25 years, which is backed by a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power output warranty.

In summary, The LONGi 545W Mono PERC XL solar panel offers high performance, efficiency for residential/commercial use. Finally,  It has advanced PERC tech, durable build and reliable energy output. Installation is easy, and it comes with a warranty.

  • Module Type: LR5-72HPH-545W
    • Rated Maximum Power : 545 Watt
    • Power Tolerance  : 0~+5%
    • Volt at PMax (VMP): 41.80V
    • Current at PMax (IMP): 13.04A
    • Open Circuit  Voltage : 49.65V
    • Short Circuit Current (1Sec) : 13.92A
    • Voc & Isc Tolerance: +-3%
    • Maximum System Volt : 1500V
    • Max Series Fuse Rating : 25A
    • Operating Temp: ~40C +85C
    • Protection CLASS : Class II
    • Module Efficiency: 21.3%+

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