Eastman Tubular Battery 12V 300AH


Eastman Tubular Battery 300AH 12V

  •  Eastman battery 300AH: Robust Tubular with High Pressure diecasted spine resulting lowrate of spine corrosion
  •  Spill Proof Vent plug – resulting in no spillage on top and lowcontrolled acid fumes
  •  Optimized Negative paste receipt for fast charge acceptance
  •  Consistent backup throughout life
  •  Excellent behavior in PSOC condition as compare
  •  Low Self Discharge
  •  Excellent performance on deep cyclic application as compareto AGM VRLA
  •  Very High Design & Service Life
  •  Low water loss

Know Your Battery


Eastman batteries are manufactured with particular tubular, positive high pressure die casted plates.

they are all processed and are ready to use. It has exceptional Eco-friendly Aqua Trap vent plugs which abstain any acid fumes.

It is swell-resistant and has no chance of explosion or overcharging.

tubular  has sustained and long-lasting life as they have less corrosion. these batteries have splendid features like High Acid Volume per Ampere hour, quick charge acceptance, and plate designed with special additives to get quick recovery from deep discharge at reasonable prices.

How Does Tubular Technology Work?

tubular batteries has flooded rechargeable batteries which consist two electrodes one is lead(Pb) and other is a lead oxide(PbO2) and electrolytes are Sulphuric acid.


A chemical reaction follows between the electrodes and electrolytes inside respective batteries.

In tubular batteries, the positive plate is actually a Tube made of cloth which holds the electrodes inside it and negative plate have a flat pasted structure.


How to Choose Solar Batteries for Home?


Are you not able to cope up with the severe weather and numerous power cuts in your area? It is probably time to buy an inverter and inverter battery that is effective and durable for worry-free summers. A battery is a critical part of an inverter. An inverter’s output and life largely depend on its battery.

The first thing you should understand before buying an inverter battery for home is your power requirement. There are two important factors determine your power backup requirement, based on which you should decide what capacity of the battery is suitable for your need.

  1. Duration of continuous power backup, i.e., on an average, how long there is no electricity at your home or office (One hour, 5 hours OR just 15 minutes)?
  2. Load that you want to run at the time of power cut that maybe just two fans & 2 lights OR 5 fans, 5 lights, a TV, and a refrigerator.

Accordingly, you can decide the ampere-hour (Ah) rating of the inverter battery for your purchase. Please note that the inverter battery’s capacity varies with the above 2 factors, the load and the duration of power backup. The more is the load and more is the duration of power backup, higher will be the battery capacity.

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