Spotlight super powerful Taigexin XY 500W

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Spotlight super powerful Taigexin XY 500W

if you Spotlight super powerful Taigexin XY 500W


Characteristics and description

    • Manufacturer  :X&Y
    • Manufacturer country :China
    • Weight:2.5 g
    • Working hours:12 o’clock
    • Number of LEDs:1 PC.
    • Housing material: Plastic, Metal
    • Flashlight operating modes: Minimum, Maximum, Flashing
    • Light flow2000:  Lm
    • State: New
    • Charge type: Off the grid
    • Lamp type: LED
    • Power type:  Battery
    • Colour :  Black

Description :

The main advantages of theSpotlight super powerful Taigexin XY 500W This model is presented in a good quality metal case. On the handle of the flashlight there is a button that is responsible for turning on the flashlight (it also switches the flashlight modes, that is, the degree of illumination). The convenience of one button is that it is easy and quick to find it and turn the spotlight on or off. It is worth adding that XY 500W has three modes of operation: one flashing and two different lighting brightness.

Charging takes place through a power supply unit, which must be connected to the mains, with a voltage of 220 V.

Also on this unit there is an indicator that indicates the completeness of the  battery charge  (green light – in the process of charging, red light – charged).


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