Decoration LED String Lights Outdoor Indoor Globe Lamp

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Hot Selling Outdoor Indoor Globe lamp Commercial Decoration LED String Lights

Usage: Landscaping, Home, Festival
Certification: RoHS, CE
Power: 10W
Emitting Color: Warm White
Voltage: 12V
IP Rating: IP44

This decorative led is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. These enchanting globe lamps bring a touch of magic to any setting, whether you’re adorning your backyard, patio, or living room. With their warm, inviting glow, they create a cozy atmosphere for gatherings, parties, or quiet evenings under the stars.

in addition, Crafted with high-quality materials, our LED string lights are built to last and withstand the elements, making them ideal for year-round enjoyment. Their versatile design allows for easy installation and customization to suit your space. Illuminate your surroundings with elegance and style, as these lights add a charming allure to weddings, holidays, or everyday décor.

Transform your space into a captivating oasis of light and beauty with our Decoration LED String Lights. Whether you’re enhancing your outdoor landscape or adding a magical touch to your interior décor, these globe lamps are sure to delight and inspire.

Furthermore, this string lights is low comsumption, super bright, safe and reliable. With higSolar Powered Water Drop String Fairy Waterproof Christmas Lights Solar Stringh-quality craftsmanship, we provide high-quality products and services. The string lamp is creative and loved by people. Suitable for holiday decoration, party decoration, Christmas decoration, bar decoration, shopping mall decoration, home decoration, bedroom decoration, terrace decoration, wedding decoration and other places. The length of the string lights, the number of LEDs, and the color of the light can be customized.


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